Youth Leadership Parliament is Ghana’s biggest Model Parliament, a platform created to engage the youth of Ghana and to give opportunities to aspiring young leaders across the African continent for leadership mentoring, capacity building and  a voice to engage governments on alternative policy ideas through the active and passive participation in decision making on issues that affect the future of young people.


All citizens of African countries between the ages of 15-45 are eligible to join the Parliament. There is currently a wide membership of ordinary citizens, student leaders, professionals and business leaders across the continent, engaging in various advocacy programmes and community intervention projects for transformation and development.


OUR THEME:  Make Ghana Great Again.  (MAGGA)


There are 2 main Leadership Pathways:

* Political Leadership Empowerment

* Socio-Economic Entrepreneurship Empowerment


OUR VISION:  Raising The Next Generation of Leaders

MISSION:  Establishing a platform for Leadership, Mentorship and Capacity building for young people through programmes, training and high-profile  networking globally.








Youths Reached

The Parliament

This is a pathway for training future Members of Parliament. They are appointed as Youth MPs for the various constituencies in Ghana. This initiative models the legislative arm of Government.

The Parliament, nurtures, grooms and trains members on the various aspects of becoming an MP in the Future. The Youth are taken through a series of training like debating on motions, public speaking, personal branding, project documentation, project financing documentation, volunteerism and community for change initiatives.

Over the years, Youth Leadership Parliament has been providing members with the best training, mentorship, and engagement that improves the leadership skills of members who wish to be MPs in the future.

The parliament also provides the right atmosphere and a real feeling of how it looks like to be in the main house of parliament of Ghana, this gives the members a general feel of how it feels and looks like, to be part of the Majority or the Minority caucus.

The parliament models the setup of the main parliament of Ghana, where we have the;

  • Speaker
  • Deputy speakers
  • Clerks’ office
  • Caucus leaders (majority leader, minority leader, and the leadership bench of parliament)
  • The Martial
  • And the various committees in parliament (standing committees and ad hoc committees)

To be part of The Parliament is a great opportunity for every youth, to learn and take their leadership experience to another level. The late Kofi Annan the formal UN Gen Secretary once said “you are not too young to lead” this is what has driven the Parliament initiative over the years.  You are always welcome to be a member of the Youth Leadership Parliament.

Citations and Awards Presentation

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Joining Youth Leadership Parliament, has been one of the best decisions I took as a young person. I wanted to learn more about Leadership, and YLP gave me the best platform. I have improve in all aspects of leadership, and the journey still continues.


My perception of myself, of my life, of the world, and of my place in this world is today totally different from what it was 5 years ago. The confidence and respect that I command today leaves much to desire. How individualistic I used to approach leadership has moved to a more liberal one. The effect on my work has been significant and sustained. I will forever be indebted to Youth Leadership Parliament.


Youth Leadership Parliament gave me the platform to improve my public speaking skills, my interest in politics and government has been shaped and I can now add my voice to national discussions, without fear or favour.


YLP has thought me a good deal about leadership, policy-making, and personal branding. The capacity-building modules and the exposure they give you make it worthwhile to join. After a few years of joining YLP, I can boldly say I have seen growth in so many ways. I am grateful.


I have come to the realization that, to be a good leader I have to make a positive impact, in my community, by spearheading community for change projects, and all thanks to Youth Leadership Parliament. Now I have become an influential person in my community.